How to Pick the Best Parasol for the Summer?

Garden Parasols for the Summer Heat

The best way to protect yourself and your guests from the hot sun is by investing in a top-notch garden parasol. Be it the burning bright summer sun on a regular day or having guests over during national holidays and events, it's essential to create shade in your outdoor space. It is for both your comfort and sun safety, which is why Garden Parasols are perfect solutions. Jaipur Garden Parasols are sturdy and so will they last for many years while offering you and your guests' respite as you enjoy your outdoor spaces. Not every party has to be relegated to the indoors. Moreover, Jaipur Garden Parasols are designed and handmade by traditional artisans across small villages in Rajasthan. You are sure to get a beautiful and unique design that will elevate the aesthetics of your garden.

Tips on Picking a Summer Garden Parasol

It might seem a little obvious, but the first decision you need to make when buying a Garden Parasol is what style you want. You must bear in mind the constraints of your outdoor space, such as its size, your furniture layout as well as your expected usage. After taking all these variables into account, the final determinant is, of course, your taste.

An excellent choice for summer parasols would be wooden umbrellas. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, as wood is a poor conductor of heat, you would never have to worry about the frame or pole getting too hot. Secondly, they look classic and have a timeless appeal to them. As wood itself is a natural material, it blends in well in lush green spaces. Jaipur Garden Parasols offers handmade wooden parasols with beautiful accents which will liven up your garden. You will find beautiful customized frames in teakwood and pinewood.

Thirdly, Jaipur Garden Parasols have the smoothest pulleys that work perfectly in all weather conditions and are UV-protective as well as fade-proof. The canopy fabric is also UV protected and Fade proof. Fourthly, a center pole umbrella is the ultimate decision for your garden accessories as the round and octagonal shapes are designed for providing optimum shade. Jaipur Garden Parasol has ensured a vented canopy that encourages airflow. Not only does it cool the area below it, but it can also withstand strong winds.

Lastly, the umbrellas from Jaipur Garden Parasols come with stylish valances which elevates the aesthetic of the space and looks luxurious as well. These parasols are perfect for shading balconies and small porches and work beautifully as awnings as well.  

Why Get a Parasol for the Summer?

Considering the pandemic has us relegated to our homes, the best way to enjoy some outside time would be to spend the memorable moments in our gardens. But unless you enjoy burn lines, a parasol is a must for the summer! A gorgeous garden parasol will be the best investment you could make for the summer. It will allow you to enjoy the weather outside while still protecting you from harmful UV rays. The best part is that the utility of the parasol is paired with beautiful designs to make your space more stylish. 

Each Jaipur Garden Parasol is carefully designed by hand from start to finish, each bearing its unique charm and character. You will be investing in a parasol with the best traditional designs that are carefully created in a delicate process with ethically sourced natural materials. These parasols are easy to clean and move.

Now that you have all this information, what are you waiting for? Buy the very best from Jaipur Garden Parasols and enjoy your summer.