Ways to Bring Geometric Prints to Your Garden

How peaceful it is to enjoy breakfast with the family on a fine Sunday morning or any such holiday. Recent studies show that working people in the USA and the UK find it very difficult to sit at the dining table with their family even during festivals, let alone a typical day.

If you’re planning to enjoy a lovely dinner or lunch with your family under the open sky, Jaipur Parasols is there for you to make it even more attractive and meaningful. We offer one of the best parasols and marquees worldwide for various events and functions you care to organize for your family and friends. The parasol designs are very appealing due to their uniqueness and exquisitely beautiful look that makes them suitable for any special occasion.

The Jaipur Parasols takes pride in delivering projects to many reputed clients in India, the USA, and the UK, to name a few. Recently, our artisans built two beautiful Chevron parasols for our clients. Its exterior and interior designs are properly coordinated to give it the look of beauty. Visit our website to know more about them. These parasols bring colors to your outdoor living spaces as they appeal both to the heart and the intellect. They are designed in chevron geometric patterns for gardens, lawns, patios, or any other outdoor space. 

The geometric designs of the products make them even more attractive. The inspiration of these designs is drawn from a wide range of things. Some of them are as old as the medieval times of India. Our artisans have created many artistic parasols. They are bold and vibrant for your garden decorations. You can also enjoy an alfresco dinner under these parasols.

One of the core principles with which Jaipur Parasols has been serving its clients is to bring the families and friends under one umbrella of love and care. To the most extent, we have achieved this purpose. We provide parasols, marquees, and rugs of several categories and in unique designs to our clients. You can install them in your garden or lawn.

These parasols are crafted by the people who have been saving this art for several generations. Their ancestors created designs and prepared parasols, which amused the Mughals and Rajputs. Their works show the blended culture of medieval India and modern artistic beauty. The inclusion of multiculturalism and diversity is apparent in every piece.

The Jaipur Parasols has a good name among the forts and palaces of Rajasthan state of India. Tourists from across the globe visit these forts and palaces to enjoy the royal life during their stay. Dinner and lunch under the open sky is a very accepting thing in these places. The parasols give the table a look of exquisite beauty. Good food under a beautifully designed parasol makes the dinner even more enjoyable.

If you’re planning to organize a small fest on your lawn, order one of our chevron geometric-designed parasols and surprise your guests with something they have never seen before.

Our products bring people together and give the occasion a touch of beauty that it deserves. Be it our parasols or marquees or even rugs. They tie people under a common thread. They make them sit together, talk and laugh for unlimited fun-filled moments. Our artisans make alive to families, colleagues, and friends through the products.

As one of our clients gave us reviews once, “I never met the artisans who designed and made this, but I feel more than connected to them.”

Our artisans are simple yet most creative humans who have continuously inspired us to take up challenging projects from time to time. They have come up with designs that have proximity to Mughal designs and architecture, Indian diaspora art, Beaches, Bohemians, Spanish artistic beauty, and Moroccan culture. They are available in extravagant scalloping and exquisite handblocked prints.

Visit us now to get the best parasols, marquees, and rugs today. We make sure to deliver what we promise. Contact us now.