When I order a parasol from Jaipur Garden Parasols what is included in the price?
A beautiful parasol water repellant & treated detachable canvas top with a pinewood frame ,a beautiful scallop along with a protective parasol cover to reuse it when the parasol is not in use.

How do take care of my parasol?
The most important thing you can do is put your parasol down and under its protective cover in between uses.All our parasols are made using water repellant  canvas and will be good in water resistancy, however we still suggest you bring them in when it rains very heavily. Please under no circumstances use any of the parasols in harsh windy weather conditions. We don’t recommend the usage of harsh chemicals & detergents to clean your parasols.We also don’t recommend washing machine wash.Do cleaning by simply brushing off any loose dirt & debris. Do not keep it packed when wet.

Is My Parasol waterproof?
We have used best outdoor fabric as per the market standards. Parasols solves the purpose of sunshades so we highly recommend to fold them & keep them inside incase of heavy rains . Please remember, parasols are for decorative purpose only.

Is My Parasol UV Protected?
Few of our parasols are screen printed on handmade water repellant canvas textiles ,a process followed by our artisans to create contemporary designs for your gardens.The process involves the usage of sunfast ink , but we still recommend using a few popular weather guarding sprays that you can order from Amazon--- (Rayblock) to avoid sun fading.Such a spray not only reduce UV damage but also repels moisture & prevents stains. So basically it’s also increases the life span of your parasol.We advice you to be careful with chemicals,follow the directions precisely to keep yourself safe & healthy. Furthermore, when you reach to the end of warm season,take the time to clean and store your umbrella properly, when you think you will no longer use it for a few months, clean , cover and store it upright in a protected area to enjoy the pretty shade next summers.

Do we make custom garden sets?
We have our in house manufacturing unit , we would like to explore the concept in your mind , we will be more than happy to help if it comes within our capabilities .We design conceptual parasols,marquees,outdoor furniture, runners,table mats,cushions,rugs & lampshades for a luxurious patio experience. Please write to us jaipurgardenparasols@gmail.com

I didn’t like the actual color my parasol. Can I exchange the same?
We don’t offer any exchange of parasol.However,please remember that you are opting to choose a brilliant piece made by skilled artisans from India.Being handmade there can be a slight variation in the color as we only use chemical free ,natural dyes.Our dyes are eco friendly, biodegradable and disposing them donot cause pollution. Hence each piece on our website is a masterpiece created with love and passion by Indian artisans.

How do I install my parasol?
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