An artistic garden brand with contemporary sensibilities. The name Jaipur Garden parasols expresses our vision and our love for Jaipur can be seen “Jaipur” being part of our name. What started as a dream in the year 2010 has become a vision of purpose in a decade.

 Inspired by the “MAKE IN INDIA “dream, each chapter unveils the creativity of our art encounter with the incredible artisans of India. 

Each parasol is borne from the carefully crafted sketches, block designs, endless handmade screens and colour schemes and highest quality wooden frame. These parasols are extravagant reminders of our past yet add a touch of glamour to the gardens. Our stone bases are made by the nineth generation of stone carvers and our outdoor rugs are exclusively hand woven, using traditional practices by specialised craftspeople of various small villages of Rajasthan using techniques passed on to them from their fore fathers.

We have been doing business with some super talented group of artisans for almost a decade now and have made great friendships with people we have been fortunate enough to work with and who made it possible for us to pursue our dream of designing a personal outdoor area with a touch of Indian traditional art forms that would make joyous spaces that people adore.

It is truly a dream we three lived together & build together.

Our Team

Founder, Sonali Shekhawat  - comes from the Royal family of Jodhpur , the composure & enigma of her personality is magical. She has over a decade’s experience in designing and running a successful canopies and events business.

Sonali has a flair for designing and from early age treid her hand in designing customised Polo accessories. Her Lineage has given her deep insights into heritage designs.

She has a great interest in bringing old to the new ie brining old heritage designs and colors to new uses in fabric, prints & jewellery. She has worked closely with craftsmen and artisans and help them take their arts and crafts to a newage foray.

As our founder she believes "To miss the target can be forgiven, aiming low cannot", She firmly believes in running her business with a cause to uplift and support various communities of dyers & printers around Rajasthan and most importantly imparting skills to women of the region". 

She has been actively contributing to the development and design including fabrics and their prints for the tents being used and made in India. She has an eye for quality and wilfully overseas quality control.

Sonali believes “enjoying your garden can be a spiritual experience”.

Co Founder, Captain Sandeep Shekhawat - He doesn’t wait for opportunity , he creates it. A journey of success of over two decades in Luxury Camping. it is his acumen & persistent efforts that has seen this team come together to realise their dreams . All the commercial and all backend is his forte and his playfield. He is not only the principle designer but also looks after all the technical aspects of the fabrics and materials to be used or developed.

Dreams are the most powerful source of energy. Is his firm belief.

Captain Sandeep Shekhawat is an environmentalist, camper and explorer who has extensively researched on alternate eco-friendly accomodation. He is a pioneer in designing & setting up mobile luxury Camps and also manages a global glamping brand

Eco - Conscious & Rooted

Our artistic parasols & rugs have a special feeling and soul that cannot be produced by mass production. It’s a sheer hard work & talent. Our hand block & screen-printing unit produce designs in limited custom lots with emphasis on creating beautiful patterns. At Jaipur Garden Parasols you will find a diverse array of colors and prints, each true to its place of origin, PINK CITY -Jaipur.

Staying true to what we believe, Indian made outdoor living products supporting the local community and opening your doors to paradise in the backyards of your beautiful homes.

To be conscious, to enrich the environment and not pollute it, is our companies spiritual principal.