Revealing the Mood Board 2021

All our parasols are a Relaxing Retreat. They make your gardens & backyard spaces more appealing. Our parasols create instant vacation vibes sitting at the comfort of homes. Each of our design aims towards saving the Indian craftsmanship. It took us around a year to create these stunning pieces. We started sharing our ideology for this season parasols with our artisans in early 2020, every print is based on a carefully crafted sketches, block designs, handmade screens and colour schemes which are co-created by our core team & artisans to finally present signature collection of THE JAIPUR GARDEN PARASOLS.

A very creative community of Artisans in Jodhpur region (nestled in sparkling Thar desert) have enhanced our garden parasols with the beautifully hand knotted macrame, beads and tassel work. The bases of our parasols are hand carved by our team of talented artisans spread across small villages of Rajasthan. What distinguishes our products and intent is the genuine collaboration with local artisans.

Our parasols will be the best buy for all seasons for you! Check out some of the styling details & tag us on our Instagram page when you create your own parasol tale. Use #myparasoltale #jaipurgardenparasols and we would love to re post on our Instagram and blogs.

Let us together make cheerful gardens.

The Exotic Cats

India is home to some of the unique flora and fauna species which makes wildlife sanctuaries in India a paradise for nature and wildlife lovers. The idea behind featuring our exotic cats in this year’s mood board is to bring the charm of spotting a rare, wild animal right there in your garden, around your patio or pool.

Set them up in your backyards for luxe alfresco dinners.

DAPHNE- Bohemian Vintage

Delightful Daphne is star of the stylish family. It’s probably the very first design we developed when we thought to create contemporary garden parasols. Chevron is on the top of designer’s lists this year, and with all good reason too.You will love the pastel peach, pink and blue chevron hand block pattern with a coordinated unique outdoor patio cushion set. Match it up with a dark color laid back rug for your garden allowing the parasol to grab all the attention.

BANI - Unique Treasures of the World

Love is unconditional -A tribute to those who graced the iconic Taj Mahal through their skill and mastery of art and architecture. Each mosaic at Taj Mahal shows precision, elegance, and delicateness. The idea behind covering Taj Mahal in our treasures of the world collection is to potray a powerful emotion of colors. We are now thrilled to see this classic inviting parasol in your gardens and we would love to feature a few on our gram.


What’s better than starting a morning off outside with a cup of joy underneath your Meadow parasol. Summer colors gives us happiness & delight. Our meadow parasol brings a splash of summer colors to your garden. The neutral tone of Meadow parasol is soul blossoming. Our Meadow parasol creates a perfect reading corner in the house. Surround it with a plant or two, and a couple of boho cushions around for atmosphere and enjoy your own mini summer garden.


An expression of made in India design in the world. Warm colors like red tends to make flowers appear closer than they really are and also have a calming effect . We chose red to pop up against the backdrop of green foliage. Flowers have inspired many influential people to discover the meaning in their lives and improve the world. The dancing parakeets on Flora are simply breath-taking. No wonder, It is truly a perfect way to embrace the sun appearing your pool side.

QUAILA - Aesthetically Charming

There is something refreshing about the spread of beautiful quails on the parasol. They’re just so aesthetic. When the weather is nice & pleasant there is nothing more satisfying than setting up a kitchen garden scene in the backyard & eating a meal outside. With QUAILA in your backyards you can both prepare and enjoy your food under the sun or the glittering stars. She is a perfect outdoorsy glam.

MIRA - Mesmerizing art of Jaipur Blue Pottery

In this concept parasol we adorn the vibrant craft traditions of Rajasthan. The classic pairing of blue & orange never fails to inspire.The cool tones of blue emphasizes the warmth that orange radiates. Mira is designed to add a royal quirk to your gardens. The mood board is set to spread a little charm to your everyday life by adding an heritage art inspired parasol to create your mini oasis.

POALA - High On Polo Parasol

A statement parasol for your garden, pool or patio.This design boasts about the finer things in life.A timeless parasol created with a bold combination of Chestnut & Cream layered on the top gels well with outdoor scene & looks highly impressive. Add lushness with layered outdoor rugs and coordinated throw pillows (find them in our curated soft home furnishings section).

INDIA - A tribute to beautiful craft of hand block printing

When you lay eyes on a beautiful piece of art, the feeling is priceless. We proudly featured a shining gem of Indian craft & tradition -The hand block in our collection. You will witness a painstakingly precise printing process, done individually by hand, every wooden block is carefully covered in ink and placed at the exact locations of the parasol textile. This process is done repeatedly on India parasol to give a magnificent piece of craft at the end. It took us nearly a month to finish one such parasol. From the creation of multiple shesham blocks to be carved in a selective floral theme & finally printing a warm combination of colours mainly rust, beige and royal blue , it came to be the most versatile garden parasol.

Tiffany - Uptown Glam

Tiffany is not only a great help to block the sun and provide you & your guests with the much-needed shade but also offers a beautiful & fun outdoor experience. This three-layered chevron parasol will soon make your garden become talk of the town. Underneath is a deep yellow cotton liner & a mesmerizing hand knotted macrame valance made by our group of talented artisans in Rajasthan

DALIAH - Exotic & Calm

Have you ever walked on to a friend’s patio , pool side or a backyard of a friend’s house and felt like you were at a 5 star resort? Now if you want your outdoor living area look amazing and be the envy of all your friends then begin by choosing DALIAH for your outdoor set from our latest designs. Create a inspiration board , email us & we will share with you options for theme cushions, chairs & a designer rug to help you build your dream outdoor living space.

PACO - Truly a stunner!

Bringing bright colors into your outdoor scenes with design inspiration gained from the famous sport of Jaipur that makes it truly timeless. PACO became famous in no time and gained its popularity worldwide after catching the eye balls from the famous magazine for polo enthusiast POLO LIFESTYLES USA this year. PACO is a representation of your style in your own gardens.
PACO -Truly a stunner!