Design & Customize Your Rug

A home or office interior essential that one must invest in is a rug because it is a décor that can complement any interior design. For spaces that appear monotonous, the rug can add life to that space. For spaces that are heavily decorated in your home, the rug can offer solace to these spaces. Along with that, rugs can reduce echo and absorb sound, adding to the peace and serenity of your home/office. However, all these advantages can be cashed in if you get your rug designed and customized by us.

We are Jaipur Garden Parasols, who specialize in designing rugs that are personalized to ensure that people feel a connection and can form a bond with this piece of décor in their homes/offices as never seen. You must be wondering what makes our customized rugs different from others in the market. We have one answer to that- The culture and the handicraft that goes behind the making of every piece.

Our rugs epitomize the culture and handicraft of Rajasthan

When you think of Rajasthan, what comes to your mind? The beautiful palaces, the historical forts, the popular Ghoomar dance form, the state's folk music, the colourful and blissful festivals, and the desert-laden land. Well, if all of this popped up in your head, then you are pretty on the right track. No doubt that Rajasthan is a bundle of such treasures, but there is much more to this state than meets the eye.

Rajasthan, the land of artisans:
Rajasthan is known for its traditional handicraft and skills, which are dipped in the ocean of Indian culture and history. Right from brass workers to enamel painters and marble workers, when it comes to traditional artisans and artistry, Rajasthan does not disappoint. These artisans and workers show years and years of dedication to their craft and make sure that it does not get lost in the hustle-bustle of modern-day lives.

What makes our rugs unique? As mentioned above, Rajasthan artisans never disappoint. It is also the case of our artisans, who are dedicatedly working on designing and customizing your rugs. The best part is that these rugs genuinely represent the richness and culture of Rajasthan because the artisans making them know the value of their craft and, being locals of the region, are well aware of it how to weave the culture in those rugs. So when you place your order with Jaipur Garden Parasols, you get: 

  • Rugs made with special love and care;
  • Rugs steeped in the culture of Rajasthan;
  • Rugs having intricate designs and colourful impressions;
  • Rugs which represent a part of you in them; and
  • Also, rugs represent the innovativeness of our artisans. 

What more could you ask for? You want simple rugs with a basic design, our artisans will provide that for you. Or you want to go all out and make a statement rug for your garden, and then we have got that covered for you as well.

How does the whole process of designing and customizing work?

You can first go through our website to know more about the designs and style of rugs that we already have in our collection. Post that, you get in touch with our team and choose an artisan you want to work with. You can give your specifications and requirements to our artisans, who will be customizing your rug.

Once that is done, you can rest assured as the artisan will design a rug that meets your requirements and much beyond will also put in his/her touch of culture and love in them. After that, you can get ready to welcome your beautiful and timeless piece of rug home.