Jaipur Garden Parasols

Moroccon Weave


Each of our moroccon weave rug is hand woven by the artisans. These tribal rugs tend to be made of soft, heavy wool with a high pile that never looks too shaggy. The severely geometric moroccon decoration on this rug is done sometimes in muted tones, sometimes almost monochrome , and sometimes richly colorful tones and asymmetrical compositions without borders.

Our Bespoke rugs are all hand knotted ,soft and yet sturdy weaves that go well with a beautiful parasol setup. Check out Royal blue exotic cat parasol and soft home furnishings section to match a garden set with Maharaja. We wanted to create garden sets that our customers absolutely adore.

We want you to find a rug that makes you feel at home , feel special and complete, and adds a little bit of joy everytime you look at it.

Our rugs are made to order. Please write us at ordersatjgp@gmail.com if you would like any other size, colour or need any further information.

Wash Care : Dry clean only

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