Jaipur Garden Parasols

Meadow - A Lemonade Date


Diameter : 300 cm
Height : 250 cm
Eye Height : 240 cm
Weight : 14kg

Inclusions : Handmade pinewood parasol frame, Detachable water-resistant natural canvas top, A storage bag, A metal tripod stand for your lovely parasol

Inspired by Mediterranean gardens to ignite that irresistible summer holiday look all year round. Not only does pole umbrella style conveys casual elegance, but it is a great parasol to indulge in alfresco meals with friends over relaxed informal spaces. It is also the most practical outdoor umbrella pole for small garden, softened with a neutral rug from our collection as ground cover and an assortment of lovely cushions. Constructed by hand , each of our parasol is a precisely crafted engineering marvel. The top of our parasols is removable from the edges of the canopy frame. Our Parasol frames are made up of authentic teakwood joint with fine brass. The idea is to use our lovely parasol as sunshade or a canopy and switch the top as per the setup of your outdoors. Write to us at ordersatjgp@gmail.com incase you plan to order multiple parasol covers

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