Jaipur Garden Parasols

Whimsical Jaipur


You will fall in love with the designs and Jaipur’s passion for bold colors, distinctive styles and fashion-forward trends. Our Whimsical Jaipur rug is a great blend of comfort, softness and durability. When matched with our charming garden parasols Whimsical Jaipur opens doors to paradise under your feet.

Our rugs are made of 100% cotton by our skilled artisans of India whose fathers and forefathers have been weaving rugs from centuries.

Our Bespoke rugs are all hand knotted ,soft and yet sturdy weaves that go well with a beautiful parasol setup. Check out our parasol and soft home furnishings section to match a garden set.

We wanted to create garden sets that our customers absolutely adore. We want you to find a rug that makes you feel at home , feel special and complete, and adds a little bit of joy everytime you look at it.

Our rugs are made to order. Please email us if you would like any other size, colour or need any further information.

Wash Care : Dry Clean only

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