Different Types Of Parasols For Garden

It can be difficult to choose the right parasol for your patio or backyard as there are so many designs and sizes to choose from. Parasols come in a variety of styles - some that are fixed and some that can be folded and carried easily. Parasols are large umbrellas used in open restaurants or on seashores. The canopy of a parasol is supported by a long central shaft, giving it the appearance of an umbrella. When you're out in the sun or rain on a hot day, this collapsible umbrella is the perfect solution for keeping you shielded. A parasol can be complemented with a number of accessories, such as a base, a heater or lights.

Few Different Types Of Parasols For Garden

POALA - High on Polo

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With a bold combination of chestnut & cream layered on top, this timeless equestrian themed parasol looks impressive in any outdoor setting. The combination of beauty and brawn in POALA makes it a fashion statement for outdoor living.


Indian garden parasol umbrella

Flora is an exquisite design led parasol that is high on style and substance. Our choice of red flowers and dancing parakeets against the green foliage makes flowers appear closer than they really are and also has a calming effect while sitting under the parasol.


garden parasol umbrellas with 2 chair

There is something refreshing about the spread of beautiful quails on the parasol. They’re just so aesthetic. There is a warmness to it that reminds us of candlelight settings. Make your own luxury alfresco dining area at home beneath Qualia in the evenings and enjoy a glass of wine.

Tiffany - Vintage Garden Parasol

Tiffany vintage garden parasols

This delightful TIFFANY umbrella was inspired by the French retro sun beach umbrellas of the 1960s. With its muted tones, vintage fringe embellished with wooden beads, it was Jaipur Parasols very first contemporary garden parasol design. Chevron is one of the hottest trends this year, and for good reason. It's the perfect combination of autumn colors with a hand block pattern and coordinating outdoor patio cushions.

Daphne - Forever Chevron

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Daphne is the star of the stylish family. The pastel peach, pink and blue chevron hand block pattern coordinates perfectly with the unique outdoor patio cushion set. With her unique macramé scallop embellished with natural wood beads, Daphne stands out from the crowd.

Jaipur Garden parasols are easy to use and are, of course, quite portable. They create stunning Indian garden parasols that are both unique and practical. All their parasols are made from high-quality, ethically sourced materials to create a product you can be proud of.

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